The Bella Bacinos Story…

Bacino’s founder, Dan Bacin opened the first Bacino’s 30 years ago on Lincoln Avenue in Chicago, Illinois. Dan had been running a popular art-and-culture radio station and publishing a companion magazine when he decided to sell that business and open his own restaurant. After a great deal of research and advice from leading restaurateurs, he decided on the very competitive pizza business. After all, Chicago was a world class pizza market with over 3,300 pizza purveyors, but Dan’s mission was to be the first to use only the freshest and highest quality ingredients – fresh mozzarella, fresh vegetables, and even making his own pizza sauce from scratch – while other pizzerias relied on canned and processed foods. Needless to say, Bacino’s became a great success. 

Shortly after Dan opened his second store on Wacker Drive, he met Linda, his future wife and partner. Linda was a national management specialist with the American Management Association. Her specialty in time management principles helped many top managers and CEO’s such as Lee Iacocca become better and more productive leaders. Linda took over the management of the stores and focused on expansion. She eventually became one of the leaders in the local and national restaurant industry. She has been a Director on the board of the National Restaurant Association, chairman of the Illinois Restaurant Association, the Treasurer of the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation and is currently serving her second year as the Chair of the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation. With Dan’s creativity and innovation combined with Linda’s management skills, Bacino’s has grown to four stores, both pizzerias and the very popular trattorias (Bella Bacino’s) that specialize in top quality pasta and lighter meals in addition to the pizza. Please visit one of their stores for a truly exceptional dining experience. 

Bacino’s has a history of innovation. Their “heart healthy” stuffed spinach pizza was the first to be officially recognized by the Chicago Heart Association, listed in the Eat Well guide and is one of their top sellers. Additionally, “sky pies” allow consumers everywhere to have delicious Bacino’s pizzas shipped directly to them throughout the world. Bacino’s has been the number one selling pizza at the Taste of Chicago for the past 30 years, has won the local AOL pizza poll the last several years and has been on Oprah twice for pizza dough spinning. As Dan Bacin is also a wine lover this reflects in his two Trattoria’s which have won the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence for each year and Wine Enthusiast Award of Distinction in 2008.

Dan Bacin’s motto is “Give me the Best”. Bacino’s provides the best – the best ingredients, the best meals, the best service, the best dining experience. This quality is what makes Bacino’s among the favorites of Chicago’s top chefs from Charlie Trotter, Tony Mantuano, Jackie Chen, Didier Durand and Paul Bartolotta. Bacino’s pizza goes into the kitchens at the end of the night as the staff meal… hot, fresh and fast.